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October 29, 2020

Jill & Chris – Clandeboye Wedding

Clandeboye Wedding.

Summer sun at the Clandeboye Lodge hotel is fantastic for wedding photography. There are so many trees in the grounds to get some beautiful shots using the dappled sunlight.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Usually for each wedding I photograph the day starts out with the girls in the morning. I get to work with some seriously talented makeup artists and hair stylists. As with so many industries, Northern Ireland is flourishing with home grown talent. The girls started off their morning at Nicholas Graham hair styling. Graham is quite a character and filled the room with great positive energy!

 After a super relaxed morning of getting ready shots I headed across to the bride’s family home for the finishing touches. Jill chose an amazing dress which was classy, simple and elegant. Then it was a quick dash over the Clandeboye to catch the guys before the ceremony.

 Chris and the guys were most definitely up for a laugh and really really fun to photograph. Chris and his best man always had a cheeky smile and mischievous look in their eyes. They were born to be friends; I believe they knew each other from small kids!

 The rest of the day flowed beautifully, with a stunning ceremony on the first floor of the Clandeboye. This room is great; during a sunny day it floods with light giving some beautiful contrasted shadows. I love shooting bright & airy scenes; it’s part of my style, but sometimes it’s really nice to tune down the images especially when the natural lights allow you to do so; shadows on faces, contrasting textures and shapes really mix up the overall look of the day.

 After the ceremony it was time for some group shots. This is always a stage during the day I try to keep as organised and efficient as possible. Group shots are a great thing to cherish, and people look back on family members with such fond memories, but there seems to be a negative stigma attached to these images at the time of shooting, that is why it’s so so important to be organised and keep everyone in the best of spirits. Shooting quickly means that stage of the day is over with a positive energy, rather than dragging on.

 Fast forward to a great shoot of just Jill and john, my favourite part of the day; to get time just with the couple, and often a lot of couples’ love getting away from the craziness of the day, even for half an hour to breathe and regain momentum for the rest of the day.  

 Wrapping this essay up, a great day was had by all and some serious shapes were pulled on the dance floor later that evening; always fun to photograph. I hope you love the latest instalment to the blog.

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