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October 29, 2020


This was a super fun Summer wedding! It started off a really foggy morning, but the sun soon burst through the clouds, helped greatly by Fiona’s stunning and infectious smile.

 The girls were amazing fun to photograph while getting ready – never a dull moment. After an emotional ceremony the wedding party headed over the brilliant Ulster folk and transport museum, which is always a very interesting place to do a shoot.

 For those who have never been, the Ulster folk museum part of the complex is a collection of building spanning across the decades and it gives a little insight into how our past relatives may have lived. From a cozy cottage where people in traditional dress make photo bread to a replica of a bank!  Because there is so much going on its always a completely different experience to shoot there every time.

 Fiona and Paddy really were a power couple of fun and so so photogenic! It was like photographing a couple of models!

 The fun continued at Cultra Manor, with the traditional interior adding a touch of class and providing no shortage of intricate content to photograph. The sun was well and truly beaming at this stage, so the guests enjoyed a sun filled drinks reception until the speeches where a few very dodgy photos emerged of the groom. I will say no more!

 It’s great incorporating something a little different for the evening entertainment. Irish dancers were the surprise before the evening really kicked off, a nice Irish injection for the large number of guests from England. That’s what weddings are all about, bringing people, cultures and family together.

 One thing I really enjoy is when the couples get to see their photos and some of the fantastic emails I am fortunate to get of their reactions. I really try to showcase the day as best I can and capture so many moments the couple may have missed to stitch the day together; it really does go by in the blink of an eye for most newlyweds. It’s a piece of feedback that is really common to hear – just how quick the day goes in. So, my advice if you are getting married is take in as much as you can, and I will try to capture the rest. J

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