lissanoure castle wedding
February 6, 2021

Meagan & David – Lissanoure Castle Wedding

Lissanoure castle wedding

Meagan & David’s stunning Lissanoure Castle Wedding. This hidden gem of a venue is located in Loughguile, Ballymena. It feels isolated but warm with plenty of room for your guests to explore. The iconic circular courtyard is the showpiece and is the entrance for the wedding cars. Grandeur guaranteed. Your guests can also take a dander around the ground to discover the ruins and lake on site.

The couple

Meagan and David wanted a really relaxed day with lots of candid photography. I once again tried my best to blend into the background and capture people as they were naturally. As I have mentioned before it’s all about balance. Knowing when to step in and take charge to ensure the group shots move quicky. Knowing when to melt into the background and just capture the essence of what’s happening, naturally.

You know you have struck a good balance when everyone is still smiling and happy. Taking a couple away for hours at a time for their photos isn’t my thing. I really do try to keep group and couple shots to around 20 minutes each. Leaving tons of time for everyone to mingle.

The weather was mighty and grey, there was no denying the lighting wasn’t the best. So, I dappled in a little sky replacement. I am not usually one for digitally manipulating photos, but the lake scene just needed a lift. I think the results were natural. But I will let you decide.

All in all, the day went off without a hitch. Meagan and David melded so well together allowing the day to flow flawlessly. There was a lot of love for the couple and friends there form all over the world. Strong testament to their down to earth characters.

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